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PostSubject: FORUM REGULATIONS   Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:11 am

Forum Regulations

The below is a list of the general rules that the staff enforce on forums. They should not be confused with a binding list with which to hide behind, but a common sense list to be used as a guideline for members. To that end staff are NOT limited solely to enforcing the rules listed here and can, as a whole, decide to go beyond the rules here, or even disregard them as special circumstances might dictate. This policy list is perfectly open to amendment and policies can be added or detracted, retroactively, as the staff deems fit.

This should be considered a warning, a policy in itself, no lawyering over these policies will be permitted. There is only one truly binding rule at Spacebattles and that is that if the staff, as a whole, disagree with your actions, those actions are wrong.

1. No Flaming.
2. No Pornography or Excessive Violence.
3. Remain on Topic.
4. No Spamming.
5. The Affairs of Other Boards to Not Concern Us.
6. Linking to and Discussion of "Pirate" Sites is not Permitted.
7. No Hate Speech.
8. Keep Swearing to a Minimum.

TheGameReborn Complaint Procedure

While the decisions of the staff are generally final, it is permitted and encouraged for any issue over moderator decisions to be questioned privately with the staff.
The procedure is as follows:
A Personal Message (PM) or instant message (ICQ, MSN etc, where applicable) should be sent to the moderator who participated in the questionable act.
Should you still find the issue unresolved you can make an appeal to a Super Moderator.
The final resort if all this is unsatisfactory is to speak to the administrators themselves. It should be noted that the administrators are busy people and they might not appreciate trivial matters being placed on their doorstep. Once this procedure is exhausted the administrator decision is final.
At no point does this procedure allow for the creation of an open thread on the issue in question, moderational decisions are NOT subject to pandering to an audience and degeneration into a circus.
Also keep in mind that moderators do not spend 24 hours a day online and have lives of their own outside of the forums. A reply might not be immediately forthcoming, and all members are requested to show patience with their complaints.
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